Wyroby granitowe Wołczyk

Oferta i realizacje

Block cutting and slab polishing


We offer a comprehensive service for cutting granite blocks and polishing / flaming / bush hammering / brushing granite slabs

As part of our services, we offer:

  • Transport organization
    Based on our experience, we offer assistance in organizing the transport of blocks from various regions of Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and other countries.
  • Quality assessment
    Upon delivery of the blocks, we provide the actual dimensions, assess the quality of the material, and supply photographic documentation for claims purposes.
  • Cutting order
    Upon receiving information from the client regarding cutting, we perform calculations and present a cutting proposal optimized for the best economic efficiency and quality of the block.
  • Production process
    During the processing, we maintain constant contact with the client. We inform about any detected defects, suggest the best solutions, and always leave the final decision to the client.
  • Full specification
    Upon completion of the production process, the client receives full and detailed information about their material.

Each slab has its label with the following information:

  • Material
  • Block no.
  • Slab no.
  • Dimensions
  • Type of processing
  • Marking of any defects

We also send a complete specification via email, which contains all the data regarding the slabs.

Transport to client
We assist in organizing the transport of the material to the client

We provide the maximum dimensions of the blocks we can cut with a multi-wire:
L – max lenght 370 cm
H – max height 210 cm
W – max width 300 cm

What sets us apart? What do we pay special attention to?

  • You entrust us with your material
    We will take care of it as if it were our own.
  • We ensure quality
    We pay attention to the high quality of our services.
  • Satisfaction
    Our clients are very satisfied with our services.

We have a modern machinery park, which includes, among others:

  • Wieloliny Pellegrini Pentawire – 3 sztuki
  • Monolina Pellegrini DF2000 – 1 sztuka
  • Linia polerska Breton KG3000 Ultrix
  • Płomiennico-groszkownica Maema
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