Wyroby granitowe Wołczyk

About us

Knowledge and Experience

As a company with years of experience working with clients, closely tracking changing trends, and persistently keeping up with the growing interest in natural stone products, we understand the crucial role that the appropriate selection of stone color and pattern plays in designing a space. In response to the demands set by both individual and business clients, we are able to take on any challenge in the field of stonemasonry, equipped with the most technologically advanced machinery park in Poland.

We have a showroom with a large selection of building granite slabs from various parts of the world, with thicknesses of 2 and 3cm, as well as an outdoor area stocked with thicker slabs, primarily intended for monuments.

We possess a broad spectrum of capabilities, resulting in an extensive range of offerings:
  • Building granite production: window sills, countertops, stairs, flooring, finishing and decorative elements;
  • Crafting granite monuments according to customer’s wishes;
  • Cutting granite blocks;
  • Fulfillment of atypical orders for elements with irregular shapes
  • Processing of the surface layer of elements – polishing, flaming, and bush hammering;
  • Selling granite slabs.

The continuously growing interest in natural stone products and its wide range of applications, combined with advanced production capabilities, have enabled us to provide high-quality services for both individual customers and businesses from various sectors


Since the beginning of our establishment, we have invested in modern machinery and technologies, giving us an edge over the competition. Currently, we have a modern machinery park and a qualified staff. Since 2021, in a newly constructed hall equipped with the latest machinery, we have been able to take on any project for the building elements. Our machinery park enables us to deliver services more efficiently, precisely, and seamlessly.

In our concern for the natural environment, we have equipped our facility with a post-production water treatment plant, where mainly rainwater enters the system. To minimize production costs, we have invested in a photovoltaic installation.

A significant aspect that distinguishes us from the competition is that not only do we extensively utilize modern technologies, but we also observe and participate in their development. Through collaboration with the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin, we offer internships to students. Students in fields such as architecture, construction, robotics, and mechanics have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in Kamień Pomorski about the practical use of natural stone in construction. The promotion of this knowledge aims to interest and encourage architects to implement new projects.”

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