Wyroby granitowe Wołczyk

Machinery Park

Modern machines and technologies

Thanks to continuous development, significant investments in our machinery park, and systematic training of our staff, it can be assured that you can trust us. The latest and technologically advanced machines, operated by experienced operators, allow us to guarantee high quality and reliable execution of entrusted tasks

Monoline Pellegrini

Pellegrini monoline enables cutting granite blocks into slabs.

5-wire Pellegrini

The machine allows simultaneous cutting of the block with five diamond wire lines of varying thickness.

Polishing line Levibreton KG 3000 Ultrix

Equipped with 21 polishing heads, Breton’s polishing line aims to bring out the color of granite. The final result is achieving a high gloss on the surface layer of the granite slab. With the installation of the polishing line in the factory, the facility is able to subject granite slabs to polishing treatment in batches

Flaming machine Maema

Thanks to the “Maema” flaming line, we achieve a rough texture on the surface layer of granite elements. The resulting very rough texture is primarily used in building elements intended to provide anti-slip properties, including:

  • External stair treads,
  • Pavement tiles,
  • Facades and internal wall cladding,
  • Floors and pavements, e.g., in bathrooms, swimming pool complexes, corridors, industrial buildings, garages,
  • All other stone elements due to the desired decorative qualities of the texture.

Contour Five NC 700 HO

The CNC serves as an advanced machining center with vertical feed, adapted to produce large architectural elements or funeral art. Its purpose lies in performing various complex machining operations, which would otherwise require multiple machines

Bridge saw GMM Litox 1000

Litox is designed to operate a traditional high-cycle cutting machine without the presence of an operator. The accompanying software allows for the utilization of CAD cutouts, parametric drawings, contouring, curb programming, profiling and shaping, drilling, as well as spiral elements.


The machine equipped with 5 blades, which can be used simultaneously or individually, is designed for high-efficiency cutting of up to thirteen axes. Its purpose lies in large-scale production of up to 490 m² in 8 hours. It performs cutting with multiple blades ranging from 140 mm to 2000 mm at a 90° angle across the entire 370° area.

Edging machine Omega 100 Commanduli

The Omega 100 Commanduli edging machine allows for processing the edges of granite elements used in both interior and exterior architectural construction as well as in the memorial industry. The machine is characterized by the ability to simultaneously polish straight edges on elements of varying thickness and shape, processing slabs with a minimum thickness of 0.5 cm. The Omega 100 Commanduli is intended for processing elements with thicknesses ranging from 10 to 100mm and is capable of: polishing a straight edge, chamfers, cutting a drainage groove, chamfering, angled cutting, step cutting, and polishing edges with rounded shapes.

Edging machine Edi Plus Commanduli

The Edi Plus Commanduli edging machine is used for simultaneous polishing of straight edges on elements with a thickness ranging from 10 to 80 mm, polishing narrow pieces with a width of 5 cm, and slabs with a minimum thickness of 0.5 cm. Additionally, it enables calibration, chamfering, groove cutting for drainage, and top cutting

Vacuum lifters by Manzelli

Modern and efficient suction cup lifters, enabling convenient and safe transport of all processed elements.

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